About Us

Servicing over 3,500 diverse customers from the U.S., Latin America, Asia and Europe, Datatech Depot offers multi-line product repair/refurbishment capabilities, along with client support services. We ensure our Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy in all customer relationships by hiring only top technical professionals and maintain an ongoing continuing education program.

A complete list of product types repaired and customer support services are listed in this section. Note that eighty-five percent of existing printer technology models are included, and accounts for a parts inventory exceeding $5 million.

  • Repair and Refurbishment
  • Personal Computers
  • Notebooks
  • Monitors
  • Printers (Including POS, LED, Dot Matrix, Line, Laser, Thermal, & Ink Jet)
  • Terminals
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Subassemblies
  • Scanners
  • Cellular Phones
  • Digital Cameras
  • Other Peripherals

The professionals at Datatech Depot, Inc. in Anaheim, California specialize in taking the hassles out of their customer’s repair and refurbishment nightmares — professionally, and at all levels of operation. All of Datatech’s services add value, from fast turnaround, aggressive pricing and pervasive total quality (TQM) standards, proprietary diagnostic software to fault isolation techniques, and all processes and standards are ISO 9002 compliant.

The company specializes in the repair and refurbishment of a wide array of printers, computers, peripheral devices, digital cameras, cellular phones, telecommunications equipment and personal communication systems.

Datatech hires only the best team members, builds tight processes and procedures, automates everything, incorporates innovative new services, and goes the extra mile for its customers. This recipe for success keeps its customers coming back.

Value Added Services

  • Technical Support
  • Emergency Response
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Distribution Services
  • Proprietary Diagnostics
  • Fault Isolation Techniques
  • ISO 9002 Compliant
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Final Product Assembly
  • Aggressive Pricing
  • Depot Repair and Inventory Management

Datatech’s Depot Repair & Inventory Management (DRIM) program solves crucial inventory and shipping problems for its customers. DRIM customizes client’s needs in areas such as bar-coding, repairing, warehousing, and shipping products anywhere, on demand. In addition, Datatech’s Customer Accessed Tracking System (CATS) enables established customers to go online to check status of any part or shipment, at any time.

With these sophisticated software capabilities, customers can receive electronic invoicing and complete status reports as often as they require.

Datatech’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)speeds order entry and billing since it is fully automated and integrated with CATS. This allows for electronic import and export of data between company and client facilitating a direct networked relationship.

Remanufacturing Program

Capture Overstock, Customer & Warranty Returns

  • Repair/return as re-manufactured units
  • Capture “new” units, re-box, localize, return to sales channel

Manufacturing Information

  • Real-time capture of failure data for manufacturing
  • Real-time failure data by serial or bar-code number

Service Parts

  • Breakdown and capture of sub-assemblies from scrap units for service/exchange parts

From our new 55,000sq.ft. Anaheim facility, Datatech Depot’s re-manufacturing program captures real-time failure data by serial or bar-code number for numerous major manufacturers and provides critical product reliability information.

Technical services also include breakdown and capture of subassemblies from scrap units for service or parts exchange, which creates enormous savings for our OEM clients. Datatech’s re-manufacturing process is ISO 9002 Certified.

Parts Sales

Through its Pacific Rim sourcing capabilities, Datatech Depot delivers the hardest-to-find parts for nearly any situation. To fully serve our customers and their diverse needs, Datatech Depot sells and stocks parts for immediate delivery.