Our company

The company CS – Computer Service and Services was founded in 1997 by the owner. The goal of this company was to offer support services and system support across all sectors. The first significant projects were the introduction of new system software for a tour operator and the associated connection to the CRS – computer reservation systems of the leading providers Start-Amadeus and DCS Merlin.

Today, CSD is active in three business areas:

  1. System support and service providers for tourism companies and organizers
  2. Database Specialist – MIS Management Information Systems
  3. Hardware and software solutions

The system support of companies in the tourism industry and the associated services are complemented by the two additional business areas hardware and software supplier and the orientation towards a database specialist for the tourism industry. The resulting orders led to a turnover and jump in profits and represent milestones in the development of the company CSD. By hiring specialists from the respective fields of expertise, a variety of projects can be realized.

We exclusively serve business customers in the B2B market. A focus on end customers is currently not planned. Our customers are predominantly located in the tourism industry. The customer spectrum therefore ranges from well-known tour operators, bus companies, hotels or hotel chains, airlines to producers of playground equipment.

Our services

Many things of daily working life do not cover your core business. We have been working together with commercial companies for more than 20 years and thus have a high level of IT competence in all its forms. We understand the needs and requirements of companies and respond individually to the needs of our customers. Therefore, we offer you the following services.

  • system support
  • for tourist companies and organizers automation
  • Airline messages (DPA, PNL, Carrierpooling)
  • Optimization and improvement of LMINFO
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Takeover of the INFX body
  • Optimization of the INFX structure
  • Provision of LMINFO data for CRS
  • Connection of CRS systems
  • Development of MIS / Reportings
  • Hardware and process monitoring
  • Analysis and optimization of processes
  • Support of the complete blank software
  • Master data exports and imports
  • Databases and MIS
  • Planning, recording, control and monitoring orientation
  • Data acquisition, storage, processing
  • Data processing, administration, maintenance
  • Data processing, administration, maintenance
  • Data processing, administration, maintenance
  • SQL, mySQL
  • Business process monitoring / optimization
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Data comparison and evaluation
  • Communication of the data internally / externally
  • frontend solutions
  • Purchasing, sales and revenue data
  • Control instruments for control
  • Hardware and software
  • We deliver, install and adapt processing
  • Network planning, network installation
  • Network support and administration
  • Hardware and software support
  • Server and Raid systems, server support
  • Peripherals (printers, scanners, monitors)
  • Outsourcing in our data center
  • On Site Support, Online Support
  • Integration of existing systems
  • Optimized hardware composition
  • Networking, VPN
  • Internet access, firewalls
  • Virtualization

We are your system partner!

As a certified partner of Microsoft, HP, Nvidia, Symantec, Kingston, APC and others, we can tailor, install and customize high quality and advanced hardware and software to meet your needs.

End with the business blind flight!

We take care of your data and prepare it individually, make it currently available and therefore support you in all matters in your planning, control and monitoring of operational processes. As a database for a modern MIS, we develop a data warehouse for further processing of your key figures and reports.


You still collect your numbers manually? We deliver the solutions! Through our years of experience in the field of database-supported analysis, we bring your numbers in readable and understandable reports, automated and without any time-consuming effort of manual data collection.

Customer focus

We understand the needs and requirements of companies and respond individually to the needs of our customers.